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Re-shuffling the cards 
Millennial’s way…


-If green is better for us, why do we live in gray?

-If space is important for a healthy mind, why are we so dense?

-If remote work is legitimized, why do we still live in crowded & expensive cities?



-There are very few decent alternatives!

-There are usually no good infrastructures, amenities and other necessities out in the countryside.

-Rural communities are tend to appear like cults

221011_House render_FINAL_jpg.jpg
Caminando en la naturaleza

How? & What?!

Build sustainable towns close to nature, with single family villas and co-housing in a car free environment. will provide the best facilities to support remote workers, families & companies.


All within a walking distance…

kindergarten, aeroponic buble mall (with fresh yield year round), Minor medical center, office/workshop spaces, shops and much more…

A community based on the principle of ‘live & let live’, with respect to privacy, individual rights & freedom. To be able to blend well with each other, we believe that libertarianism backed with objectivism will be our spine & pride.



  • Build according to the sustainable goals of the  EU

  • Support rural development & and local economic growth

  • Create 100 new sustainable towns until 2030.

  • Balance in life, work, family & community

  • Enable a better sense of freedom

Technical components

  • Energy- Agrivoltaic, microgrid &  backup

  • Drinking water- Air harvesting & Filtration of underground fountain 

  • Irrigation- Rain harvesting and gray water 

  • Gray water- Natural treatment with special plants and a pond

  • Sewage- decentralized solution, turn sewage into cooking gas and fertilizer as side product

  • Organic waste- Automatic fluent, from the sink to an end product of biogas and fertilizer

  • Heating cooling- Geothermal systems + steam heating (biogas)

  • Fresh greens, vegetables & fish- Aquaponic Bubble mall self service & autocharge

  • App- Customer service, community management, internal social media, security control, a friendly booking system, billing, etc.

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